Make your own

Sham-clay Rhassoul your hair

Rather than the shampoo bars I have been using of late, I thought I would give Rhassoul Clay a go. My shampoo bar is so nourishing, it's almost too nourishing for my thin oily hair - after 24 hours I lose volume. I know Bentonite clay has done wonders for my oily skinned face, so… Continue reading Sham-clay Rhassoul your hair

Natural Remedies

Castor oil for hair growth

Being an oily hair gal, it may sound counterintuitive to boast about putting oil in my hair. Castor oil, however, is an age-old remedy for boosting hair growth. I was researching more ways to boost my thinning hair a few months ago and thought I would give this a try. Castor oil is a sticky thick… Continue reading Castor oil for hair growth

Make the switch

Embracing natural hair colour

I have had my fair share of hair colours over the years... until 1.5 years ago. First was saying no to bleach, then no to permanent colours, then big brand hair tints were out. I used 'natural hair tints' for a few years before being brave enough to say no to the lot. The teachers… Continue reading Embracing natural hair colour