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Foaming hand soap

I love this stuff, economical and beneficial for skin. I splurged and ordered a foaming dispenser pump for our bathroom, of course, it's re-usable so a nice investment. If you would like a cheaper option you can by a foaming handsoap from the store, empty the harsh sodium laurel/laureth sulfate and paraben mix and use… Continue reading Foaming hand soap

Make your own

7 Days of calm and cosy: Part 7 – Aromatherapy

If most pharmaceuticals were derived from active ingredients originally found in organic plant sources, then extraction of the oil from those sources would, in turn, benefit your health immensely. Essential oils are not just a pretty smell, they are so much more. To use too much can cause you harm, and to use certain oils… Continue reading 7 Days of calm and cosy: Part 7 – Aromatherapy