Spice rack that can go in any kitchen

If you are a bit of a gipsy like me and like to live a minimalist lifestyle but cook like you will be on the next MasterChef, you need a spice rack to match. A spice rack that is accessible, but not in the way of bench space. Somewhere that you can access easily without upsetting… Continue reading Spice rack that can go in any kitchen


Winter Fruit Punch

This recipe sounds amazing! I’m definitely going to make it at some point this chrissy. Thank you QUIRKYANDWEIRD 🙂

My quirky and weird life

The cold days are here and this means hot chocolates, spicy teas and glüwine. It warms my heart just thinking about those warm drinks. But I recently discovered a new warm drink to add to the ‘Warm Winter Drinks’ list. You might have guessed it already, it’s ‘Winter Fruit Punch’. I have stumbled upon this recipe in one of my mom’s old cookbooks and gave it a go. I made it for my friends to have during our early Christmas party and they all asked for the recipe. So I thought it might be worth sharing on here as well. I have adapted the recipe a little because I thought it might get too sweet, but I think that’s the power of this ‘Winter Fruit Punch’. Don’t be afraid to change the recipe to make it more you!

Winter Fruit Punch

You will need:
2 Lemons
2 Oranges
250g Honey
400ml Water

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