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How to: Furoshiki (Japanese fabric wrapping) | 1 Million Women

Furoshiki wrapping is a gorgeous no waste alternative to wrapping paper. Learn how to do it here. Source: How to: Furoshiki (Japanese fabric wrapping) | 1 Million Women

Make your own

Natural Deodorant

There are many natural deodorants on the market these days and that's great news for all of us eco hippy's out there. Although there is a bit of expense involved in finding 'the one'. The one deodorant that: is not greasy, doesn't smell weird, doesn't leave marks on clothing, lasts longer than a couple hours, doesn't dry… Continue reading Natural Deodorant

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Make your own natural toothpaste

I just made a fresh pot of my homemade toothpaste last night, so it's only appropriate that this should be my first post 🙂 I have been using 'natural toothpaste' for more than 10 years now, however, I was always flicking around to different brands and never really satisfied with one or the other. One… Continue reading Make your own natural toothpaste