Spice rack that can go in any kitchen


If you are a bit of a gipsy like me and like to live a minimalist lifestyle but cook like you will be on the next MasterChef, you need a spice rack to match. A spice rack that is accessible, but not in the way of bench space. Somewhere that you can access easily without upsetting the landlord because you had to drill some extra holes in the wall for mounting. So where is this magical kitchen space going to come from? Your fridge of course.

We all love to stick magnets on our fridge. Why not make it doubly useful as a storage unit on the outside as well as storing food on the inside? Everyone has one – well you do if your reading this post because you want to put a spice rack in your kitchen. No matter how big or small the fridge is – this can work. The only thing holding you back is if you own a bar fridge and have a ridiculously large array of spices. They just wouldn’t fit, let’s be practical here people. It could happen, I’m sure there is someone who super keen and fits into this box… I just haven’t met them yet.

This isn’t a new concept to stick a magnet on the bottom of a glass jar and use it as a spice storage facility on the wall. But this is the renter’s delight version. I like the honeycomb pattern that the hexagonal jars make, so that’s what I went for. If you are super into recycling and just want to use what you have no matter what the size – just consider what weight the magnets you are using will hold. Otherwise, you will be disappointed when you go to your kitchen the next morning and all your spices are covered in broken glass on the floor. I’m not speaking from experience here, but I have had a magnet fail because they weren’t strong enough and slid down the fridge from the weight.

The process is: use a strong glue like Tarzan’s grip or a poly resin to stick the magnets on. Wait until it dries fully (24hours later) then fill jars and label them. Presto.


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