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Sham-clay Rhassoul your hair

Rather than the shampoo bars I have been using of late, I thought I would give Rhassoul Clay a go. My shampoo bar is so nourishing, it’s almost too nourishing for my thin oily hair – after 24 hours I lose volume. I know Bentonite clay has done wonders for my oily skinned face, so why not try sticking clay in my hair. I haven’t used a ‘treatment’ in my hair for over 12 months and I no longer dye my hair but I missed the indulgence of sitting there with some stuff in my hair and the super nice feeling you get when you run your fingers though afterwards.

Rhassoul clay is an age-old way of cleansing hair used by the people of Morocco. The clay is sourced from the mountains in Morocco. Its full of juicy minerals that enhance hair health and it also contains saponins (the stuff that makes bubbles and gives you the squeaky clean feeling). So no need to wash your hair with shampoo afterwards.

Upon my research, I found that you can just mix it with water, leave it in for anything from 1 min to as long as you like before it dries. If it dries it can damage your hair by pulling where it shouldn’t.

Due to my hair regrowth journey, I could not pass up the opportunity to amp up my hair treatment experiment by using some circulation increasing herbs. So instead of water, I boiled a cup of mint tea and then left it to cool. I used the cool mint tea water to stir into my clay and added a couple drops of rosemary oil. Both of these herbs are great for increasing blood flow to the scalp and encourage hair growth. Rosemary is also antibacterial, so its increasing scalp health too.

I mixed mine up in a teacup with a wooden paddle pop stick. Brush your hair well before you wet it in the shower and then apply the mix, mine was quite watery. I could actually massage my hair and I could hear the bubbles when I was applying. Mind you it was nothing like the lather from my shampoo bar. I left it for 10 minutes and then rinsed out.

It soaked up all of my oily bits and 24 hours later I still have some oomph left in my hair. I followed with an apple cider vinegar rinse. As I always do after I shampoo my hair. about 1 tablespoon organic apple cider vinegar with the mother and 1 Litre of warm water then rinse and leave in hair.

This hair pic is from day 2 😀


I think once every 2 weeks I will do this treatment, as I only wash my hair every 3rd day. My hair feels similar to the nice silky feel after using Henna – which I haven’t done for years. I like it, and I’m pleasantly surprised. Give it a go and let me know what you think of my Rosemary and Mint recipe.


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