Make your own

Foaming hand soap

Courtesy freepik

I love this stuff, economical and beneficial for skin. I splurged and ordered a foaming dispenser pump for our bathroom, of course, it’s re-usable so a nice investment. If you would like a cheaper option you can by a foaming handsoap from the store, empty the harsh sodium laurel/laureth sulfate and paraben mix and use your own. I feel personally that the company still won a sale off you for a useless product, but that’s just me…

Eco hippies, this is so simple and more elegant than a soggy bar of soap making a mess on the sink while it’s waiting for its next use. Its mostly soap nut infused water, my new favourite Castille soap, and essential oil of choice. You can tweak the ratios as you please. I got out two half shells of soap nuts, placed them in a teacup and covered in hot water, let it go cold and soaked overnight. Remove the nuts and pour soap nut infused water in first. Then add 2-4 tablespoons Castile soap (scented or unscented). As well as essential oil of choice. I use lemon in ours.

It foams up like a dream and doesn’t dry out my hands, gentle enough for the kids to use too.


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