Make the switch, Make your own

Natural dishwashing liquid that works


If you have suffered from really dry hands and want to use something more natural, or looking for something eco-friendly for the other living beings your sink water reaches on its journey to the ocean then this is for you.

My gosh, I was surprised after we got this one right… I use Castille soap for my foaming handwash in the bathroom, to clean the floors, its in my bathroom cleaner spray and now in my dishwashing liquid. At first, I tried Castille on its own with just some lemon essential oil to add a clean smell to my own aromatherapy experience while I am dishwashing. The problem was that it wasn’t cutting through the grease on the cooking pans etc, it was an epic fail. It didn’t bubble at all and it wasn’t really serving its purpose so it was pretty disappointing.

Then when I got home from work the next day my fiance was doing the dishes and he told me he fixed it with alcohol. Adding a very small amount of alcohol cuts through fat, just mix a bit with the soap and a bit of water to dilute and distribute. He gave it a go and voila! we have foaming dishwashing liquid that works. It foams up and leaves things cleaner than any natural one I have bought over the counter ready made. I can adjust the scents if I wish too.

The recipe depends on the strength of the alcohol used. The ratio of Castille is 80 to 20 water. Then add 2 tablespoons of alcohol.



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