Make your own

Hot Carob Latte

Carob is an unsung hero. Did you know it has all of these? Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, D and E and is used for the treatment of a cough, flu, anaemia and osteoclasts. Carob tannins contain gallic acid. Gallic acid is an analgesic, can be used as an anti-allergic and is antibacterial. It is also an antioxidant, antiviral and antiseptic and high in fibre.

It also tastes delicious and goes down a treat with a bit of coconut sugar to sweeten to your liking and milk of choice.

My trick to making a single serve of this: is to pour my non-dairy milk into my cup of choice so I don’t waste any or crave the bit that ‘could have been’. Then simply pour the milk on its own into a pot and gently heat, no need to bring to a boil. At first, I added the carob powder and sugar as it was heating in the pot, you can do this if you don’t mind stirring all the time. I found it left a layer in the pot which involved more cleaning, so up to you? I use non-dairy milk because I have a sensitivity to lactose and because it feels counterproductive to my health to use something that causes an inflammatory response. You are alternatively looking to clear the path to health with this drink- not to put potholes on the road.


Carob Latte

Non-dairy milk measured to your prefered cup

1-2 Heaped tsp Carob powder

0-2 tsp Coconut sugar (to taste)

Pour the desired amount of milk into the pan, gently heat. After its hot, switch off and using a whisk, sprinkle the carob powder and coconut sugar into the pot. Wisk until you have enough bubbles.

I used soy milk for mine so the bubbles stay – it may be a bit harder to make a latte using rice milk for example.


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