Make the switch

Creative candle deco


Over the holidays my partner dug up some big shells that we had collected from a beach in the UK a year ago. In the same moment, I was looking for something minimalistic and multipurpose (so as not to trek to the store to buy something that only can be used as a candle holder) to use as a base for some candles. I wanted to light these new candles in the lounge room. Low and behold, the perfect match and shape. Who would have thought… such a pretty way to bring calm and cosy into the room. Now, now, don’t go out and buy some shells, I’m just your inspiration. What have you got lying around the house that you could use for some tea light candle bases? I am also in love with placing things in 3, they don’t all have to be identical, but just related to each other. So, I challenge you to present your idea for an upcycled candle base, and if it’s from nature, bonus points to you 🙂

Here is a photo with the lights on and candle flame off (not as impressive, but still pretty none the less).



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