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7 Days of calm and cosy: Part 7 – Aromatherapy

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If most pharmaceuticals were derived from active ingredients originally found in organic plant sources, then extraction of the oil from those sources would, in turn, benefit your health immensely. Essential oils are not just a pretty smell, they are so much more. To use too much can cause you harm, and to use certain oils during pregnancy can do damage so please read labels before you use or do some research to make sure they are ok for you.

The healing power of plants is something that I wish everyone could embrace on a daily basis, alas, the western world of cement jungles prevent us from foraging particular sources and finding time to make your own extractions is something that few people have time for. Thankfully we can just go to the shops to buy essential oil.

You can apply a few drops of essential oil or a mix of a carrier oil and apply topically on your skin. These are not just oils that are good for your skin, they absorb into the skin and reach your bloodstream to do some inner healing as well.

To put you in the mood at this time of year you can make a mix to diffuse into the air in the house that has cinnamon, orange and a drop of clove. This is not only good for keeping the flu bugs away, but also reminds us that Christmas is coming. What a way to top off your warm and cosy day.

If you have an upset stomach, a few drops of peppermint mixed into a carrier oil and rubbed into the skin on your stomach area can calm things down. A dear friend of mine’s little baby was suffering from reflux and after her bath, she applied a drop in with some fractionated coconut oil and gave bub a light belly massage. She settled down not long after and thinking it was a one-off, tried it again the next day. She avoided having to get prescription medication for her bubs reflux because the peppermint oil worked.

Lavender is soothing and de-stressing. Massage a few drops onto your feet with a bit of carrier oil of your choice to assist with a restful sleep. If getting your children calm and cosy in turn means that you can do the same, then massaging a bit into their feet before bed can become a good routine to help wind down from their day and get some much-needed rest.

You don’t have to use a carrier oil, you can also use a cream as a base, or make a spritz bottle containing a 1/3 alcohol and 2/3 water along with your essential oils and simply spray into the air.

Oh, the possibilities are endless and I cant fit them into one post. Please share what your favourite relaxation and calming oil blends are below.


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