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7 Days of calm and cosy: Part 5 – Knitting &/or Crochet

If reading novels is not your thing… How about keeping your hands busy instead? I tried knitting as a teenager, but couldn’t do anything more than a square before I got bored. Now (I hope) my patience for finishing projects has increased and to have the end in mind helps too! My problem is that I find it difficult to read patterns but if someone shows me what to do I cant go wrong. This is where youtube comes in. I found so many knit along patterns for things that I wanted to make. This was so encouraging to me as you can see in real time each step of the project. This also means you can see where you went wrong much sooner and undo the damage before going too far. Oh and you will make mistakes as I did, and you learn from them.

Depending on the project, youtube can be a crutch until you have found your own feet and have a nice repetitive pattern. Then once you’re on a roll, get that screen off and just enjoy the rhythm.

The reason I chose knitting and crochet is no matter what the project is, there is a meditative state that develops when you get into the rhythm. I always notice my thoughts going on in the background but it’s much easier to watch them pass by like clouds while your hands are busy. After a while, your mind starts to settle from all the business of life. I know some people knit while watching tv, but I feel like you will lose this magic meditative state if you do that. If its a straightforward pattern like a scarf an audiobook or podcast could work for the A-type personalities who feel like they need to accomplish more than one thing at a time – so as not to ‘waste time’. If you are moving towards living life in the slow lane opt out of multitasking and watch your levels of patience and concentration increase over time.

My latest project was my most difficult to date! I challenged myself to make a pair of socks. On my eco hippy journey, I want to be able to make my own clothing where ever possible and its practical. So I thought socks are one of those things that you cant live IMG_4109without in the winter months and good quality knitted ones can be expensive, and full of unnatural fibres. I found a yarn from Vera Moda that is self-striping so I could see how much I accomplished in one sitting and because I love colours. The yarn is 25% bamboo a highly renewable and eco-friendly fibre, 50% wool for warmth and breathability and 25% polyamide. The polyamide helps with strength and durability of the fibre. In the end, this was a sacrifice I was ok with, as I would rather have a pair of socks that last, rather than tearing after a few wears and washes, not to mention all that hard work…

I used a pair of 2.5mm circular knitting needles with 65cm length joining the two needles. The tutorial uses 9inch which are very short. The pattern she uses actually uses longer length so you can use the pattern without the youtube clips using side one and two on longer length needles. The youtube tutorial for the socks I made can be found here. Special thank you to the Unapologetic Knitter for making this free pattern and spreading the love and freedom of making your own clothing ❤

A finished project is so rewarding, and when you are making a pair of socks, they are also adding to the cosy factor – meaning you can wear them while completing your next project. Here is a picture of my finished socks 🙂


So find a comfy couch, that’s in a quiet and cosy spot in the house, pick your yarn and pattern and get stitching. Whats your latest project?


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