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7 days of calm and cosy: Part 4 – Paper Back Reading

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When do you get time to read… for fun. Not talking about the study books here, or blog posts, FB memes or 1000 characters or fewer, tweets and/ or other posts. I’m talking about a good ‘old fashioned’ paperback novel, you know the ones that pull you right in and you lose track of time? when was the last time you did that for yourself? Some of the eco-hippy’s out there are really good at reading novels, so well done to you 🙂

The ones like me that are constantly working on it should make reading ‘that novel’ a priority during this week of your calm and cosy. You know ‘that novel’ the one you bought a while ago that you have been meaning to read, but haven’t ‘had time’ to read it. Make time, there is so much of it there when we aren’t TV series binging, FB swiping or being click baited. We find it so hard to switch off these days, and a way of disconnecting from our devices and screens is to tune into an alternative slower paced wavelength that you also enjoy. Reading a good novel does just that, add free! Just think, you could team it up with a nice blissful bath during your 1 hour winding down time. Oh yeah, that’s the stuff dreams are made of… or at least a better quality sleep for those doing it tough and having problems sleeping through the night.

An eco-hippy way to obtain your novel is by borrowing a book from the local library (just don’t dip it in the bathwater accidentally while your “relaxing”) or your local community ‘swap it’ point or local second-hand bookstore.

This is a nice short post so you no longer are distracted – please like this page before you leave if this novel reading reminder has helped you… Then go my pretties, roam free into the world of paper print – and return another day.


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