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7 Days of calm and cosy: Part 3 – Blissful Baths

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When do we find the time in our modern busy lives to have a bath? I have to make deals with myself, for example, Amy you love baths, once a week you should have a bath. This self-talk is necessary for me to get things done that involve pampering myself. It’s still a work in progress. As a part of my 1-hour screen-free time before bed: once a week I make myself a bath. While the water is getting ready, I grab my book, get my clothes ready for the next day and anything else I need to do before bed, so when I get out all calm and sleepy usually, I can just hop straight to bed for an awesome nights sleep. It normally falls on a Wednesday for me. I came to this conclusion because Wednesday is the middle of the week, there isn’t much to do in the social calendar so it’s a good opportunity to recharge the batteries so I can finish my work week.

I use Epsom salts in the water to relax my muscles along with 3-5 drops of lavender oil (due to its calming and relaxing properties) or other calming oil of choice. I also put a tablespoon of moisturizing oil like olive oil, almond, rice bran or coconut oil. This depends on what essential oil smell is in the bath.

Have you ever thought about using tea for a bath? Chamomile tea is great also mint if you would like something refreshing – you will smell like mint afterwards for a little bit if you don’t mind. Rosemary is invigorating. Rose tea and chamomile is a real treat and will give you that nice warm loving hug feeling. If you have a bit of a cold or flu you can use eucalyptus oil, breathing in the steamy fumes will relieve some symptoms – just don’t drink the bathwater, please with eucalyptus in it or any other oil that has not been proven safe for ingestion. Sometimes this can depend on the brand, not the oil. Read the bottle to check.

Oat Bath is another alternative for sensitive folk. An old stocking filled with oats hung over the tap or floating in the bath will make the water look milky, but its super nourishing for dry skin (If I made myself an oat bath I would not use Epsom salts at the same time). Remember that oats are a plant product and do start to go off if you leave it soggy and forget it on the side of the bathtub you will regret it when you come home from work – trust me I know. Best to discard the contents when you are done and rinse the bag and hang to dry for reuse another day.


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