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Blast from the past: The start of my hair loss

I thought I would put up some rather embarrassing images of my hair when it was at its worst (before I change my mind and not publish this post). Everyone loves a terrible ‘before’ image, so I’m being brave and posting these ones the internet. Woah, what mixed feelings, excited to share with you, embarrassed to show you, empowering as I’m revealing the real me, pride in living my truth and fear of the public rejection. It turns out I was good at hiding how thin my hair was in pictures as it was hard to find ones close enough to show the detail.

When I was in my early 20’s over the period of about 12 months I noticed a higher than usual amount of hair loss. Every time I washed my hair I was dreading looking down at the drain. Running my fingers over my head of wet hair to ring the water out resulted in a hand full of hair in my hand. I know I’m not the only female that has suffered from hair loss – so this is for you and all my eco-hippy friends.


December 2007


My earlier attempts to cover up the thin hair was to bleach. Oh dear when I think about it now, eish. My thinning hair is mostly on the top of my head and worse towards the front. It’s really noticeable in this picture close to my forehead. I used to be able to lift my hair up with a few fingers and be able to see my scalp through my hair right to the back…

thin hair 2
August 2010

From bleach, I changed to darker shades to make my hair look ‘thicker’. The moment you have regrowth though your hair looks like its floating on top of your head instead of stuck to it because it’s so thin. This meant dying more often to hide regrowth. Note the back of my part, the hair is a lot denser compared to the front. My part is so wide at the front you can actually see where individual hair strands are growing and hanging on for dear life… The hair dye I was using was ‘natural’ at this stage and I had switched to shampoo’s and conditioners that no longer contained harsh chemicals like paraben and sulphates which made a slight improvement to the hair growing at the back of my head.


thinning hair 3
December 2010


The piece de la resistance… this photo was taken just after playing in summer rain so my hair is wet. Sorry for the poor quality picture but no description necessary for this one I think lol.

One of the main motivators for starting this blog was to help others that have had or are suffering currently from hair loss and looking for natural solutions. I’m documenting my own journey to health and giving you my opinion on what I have tried. I am passionate about promoting a minimalist natural eco-hippy lifestyle. The positive changes I have made over recent years are working slowly, I can really see and feel the difference in my hair health and I hope you will too, you just need to be patient! Your hair is an indicator of the health of your whole body, so working on fixing other health concerns can indirectly benefit hair health and growth as well. I’m not looking for a ‘quick fix’. I’m working on the root causes, my body told me something is wrong and I’m getting better every day at listening.

Embrace your natural hair colour and hair state as it is, not how you want it to be. Work on acceptance of this truth and tune in to the messages your body is telling you about your health, stop ignoring them otherwise the messages will get stronger and more painful until you do. I have learnt that I need to look after my own health so I can benefit others, it’s not selfish. Just think of the flight attendant’s script at the beginning of any takeoff: In case of an emergency, the air masks will drop, take the closest one and secure your own to your face before you help anyone else. Be the change you want to see in the world.


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