Natural Remedies


If you are suffering from hair loss or on the road to recovery like me, there are some supplements that can help regrow your hair.

My thyroid has been borderline underactive for the last decade, although it is still considered to be in the ‘normal range’ I have recently found out that I have an 8mm growth on the right side of the thyroid. Not to my surprise, as of late I have been feeling really tired which triggered me to get a scan done. Despite this growth, my bloodwork is still ‘normal’ so I thought that some thyroid boosting supplements could do the trick.

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that you can get on its own as a supplement or in a mix of other herbs and vitamins depending on the brand. Each of the 26 amino acids, form together to make one protein molecule. Some amino acids the body can make itself, but others need to come from food. If you’re also having problems with digestion it’s probably worth looking at my previous post on healing the gut too. It is the chemical that supports the function of the thyroid and assists with the transport of hormones around the body. Some studies have shown that it will also promote hair growth. I have been taking this supplement for 3 months now and what I have personally noticed is that I have more energy during the day. Not exactly the same energy boost as having a coffee (I don’t drink the stuff anyway) but at least I can function and don’t feel like falling asleep or like I’m dragging my body around everywhere with me. My hair is also stronger and doesn’t fall out as much. Bliss in retention! Recently I have also noticed that I have little ‘baby hairs’/ some new growth on and in my hairline which is exciting. Its also starting to feel a bit thicker when I tie it back! Since my metabolism has sped up I started to see a little weight loss as well, although I hadn’t changed anything else diet or exercise wise I probably have been walking more… since I now have the energy to do so. Ha.

The pharmaceutical medication for an underactive thyroid is called thyroxine, this is derived from L-tyrosine. To get the same amount of L-Tyrosine from your food as you would the supplement would require some serious eating. A healthy diet always takes place over supplements in my books, but when you are on the road to recovery, a little support is always welcome.


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