Natural Remedies

Castor oil for hair growth

Being an oily hair gal, it may sound counterintuitive to boast about putting oil in my hair. Castor oil, however, is an age-old remedy for boosting hair growth. I was researching more ways to boost my thinning hair a few months ago and thought I would give this a try.

Castor oil is a sticky thick oil that you can apply to the roots of your hair. You can do this the night before and then sleep with it in and wash out the next morning. You only need a few drops here and there and just give your scalp a light massage to spread it in. I normally put a few drops on the tips of my fingers and then use my fingers as a comb to get an even layer on my scalp. Most of the time I forget to do it the night before, it’s too much effort so I just pick a slow weekend day and do it an hour before I hop in the shower. I have tried both ways and it doesn’t seem to make a difference to the end result.

It sounds like it would be really hard to wash out of your hair since it is not only an oil, but a sticky one. To be honest a fair amount of it will absorb into your skin. Castor oil is a surfactant though, which means it actually has cleaning properties in it which will help it wash out with water. I also use a shampoo for oily hair anyway, so this helps wash out the excess. For all those dry haired eco-hippies this oil will help condition the hair. An added bonus is that it helps regulate oil production.

Forget spending hundreds of dollars on laser treatments and medical shampoo’s, sure this one will have a slower more gradual result, but its natural and a lot cheaper!

Give it a go and let me know what you think?


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