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Gut healing supplements to boost hair growth

If you have read my previous post about embracing your natural hair colour you would see that I have been on a journey to growing back my thinning brittle hair. Getting rid of all hair dyes has only been one part of it (although a valuable part indeed).

There is no magical one trick pony that will work for everyone but I can only tell you what has been working for me. I have been covering all the bases. My hair type is oily and I have sensitive skin too. Its true that they say your hair is a sign of your health and if you are missing any nutrients in your diet. So healing the gut can be beneficial for this journey as well as drinking enough water everyday. Its so easy to forget about water (for me anyways). These days I have a water bottle I take with me everywhere, every day just to make sure I have access and as a constant reminder to drink.

Back to the gut healing:

Probiotics are a good start because they increase the healthy levels of good bacteria in your stomach. If you experience bloating and gas or feel uncomfortably full after eating and/or have irregular bowel movements give this one a go. Also good to take after your immune system has taken a beating from pharmaceutical medications. Or if your are fighting off a cold or flu, this is a way to boost the defence line.

DGL Liquorice can only be found in supplement form, not in the lollies. DGL stands for Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice which is safer for you stomach. It will coat the lining of your stomach, giving it a fighting chance to do some healing. This is not a supplement you need to take for the rest of your life either, a 1-2 month course is enough. *Warning* If you suffer hypertension or are pregnant you can not take this supplement. If you have any other specific conditions consult a herbalist or naturopath before buying.

Digestive enzymes are another way of assisting the absorbtion of nutrients. There are all sorts available on the market, some have real ox bile so if you are a vegetarian take heed in this warning and check the labels. You should look for one that has protease, lactase and amylase. These three enzymes help break down protein, dairy and carbohydrates.

You can take all three at the same time if you wish, they wont interfere with eachother. Just read the labels before hand. Enzymes are best taken just before or with a meal and DGL Liquorice on an empty stomach about half an hour before food. That was a bit tricky for me at first, then I just found that before I started cooking or making my food I would take it and then most of the time at least half an hour has gone by the time I sit down to eat.

Have you used any of these products?



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