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Embracing natural hair colour

I have had my fair share of hair colours over the years… until 1.5 years ago. First was saying no to bleach, then no to permanent colours, then big brand hair tints were out. I used ‘natural hair tints’ for a few years before being brave enough to say no to the lot.

The teachers at the Steiner School I used to work at last year were my motivation for the final push. These role models, embrace the ageing process gracefully some with salt and pepper hair, little to no makeup teamed with a wise, confident aura. Yes! I need to wear me every day and not try to fit into the latest summer warm shades of dye and cooler winter ones. My hair has been somewhat of a sore spot for me since my early 20’s. I lost a lot of hair over a 12 month period, to this day I’m not sure why. It could have been hormonal, stress, thyroid, nutritional issues – all possibilities. A decade later and I’m still working on regrowing my hair (which is returning! a post for another day if you would like to find out what is working). No matter the reason why it happened in the first place, I always felt like if I died my hair a shade or two lighter it would look ‘less thin’ on the top of my head. This would make it look ‘healthy’. When I dyed it a darker shade it looked thicker, but as soon as the colour grew out a little I would look like I had a bald strip in the part of my hair.

As a teenager and child I had so much hair I didn’t know what to do with myself, so it was a big shock to being a hair thinning gal. I’m not alone in this, I know there are more thinning hair eco hippy’s out there. Comment on this post if you are so we can support each other 🙂 On my journey to recovering hair follicles, I had been covering my scalp with the dye that was claimed to be natural but it was more a case of – fewer chemicals than others dye. Counterproductive.

Maybe I’m preaching to the choir here, but I used to be on the other side wanting fairy floss, unicorn colours in my hair that were anything but natural.

How did I make the switch? well, patience is key and it’s more of a not doing. I envisaged my natural hair colour idols every time I was feeling like I needed a change. The great thing is that the ombre is still trending in many shapes and forms, so now is a good time to pull off the look as you let your hair grow its colour out. I have some little grey hairs here and there, and I used to dread when they started showing up through my hair colourings and regrowth. Its all in our mind though, now I look at them as silver strands of wisdom. As my natural hair colour changes with age it will always suit me, as it will always be a reflection of my life journey.

Make the switch and start to age gracefully, no matter what your hair colour is… it’s beautiful!

with love from Amy


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