Make your own

Natural Deodorant

There are many natural deodorants on the market these days and that’s great news for all of us eco hippy’s out there. Although there is a bit of expense involved in finding ‘the one’.

The one deodorant that: is not greasy, doesn’t smell weird, doesn’t leave marks on clothing, lasts longer than a couple hours, doesn’t dry out your skin, doesn’t sting and is ok for sensitive skin. Not too much to ask really.

Why natural? There have been studies done on aluminium found in big brand deo’s showing harmful results potentially causing Alzheimer’s and many links to causing breast cancer. Paraben is a hormone disruptor found big brands. Propylene glycol is a petrochemical which means it comes from petroleum, just think of that lovely clean air smell you get when filling your tank with petrol (sarcasm included). That toxic stuff is finding a gateway to your whole body through the lymph nodes closely snuggled in and around your armpit just under the skin. The role of the lymph nodes, in short, detoxifies the body so we don’t want to increase the traffic on that road – this is why we have smelly armpits in the first place. The smell is due to the release of toxins from your body – which is natural it means the system works, however, the smell is not as socially acceptable these days compared to the pheromone loving neanderthals. Viva la evolution!

Now that we are all clear we don’t want those chemicals anywhere on our skin we turn to the wide range of natural deo’s on the market – first world problems here. We are so overwhelmed with choice these days that we are just left with confusion in the end and something we are not sure is right for us. Sure, all our bodies were not created equal and some will work better for you and not others. Through my experience I found whatever I bought worked well for a bit, then I made a switch to another, newer, better, stronger, different style of application. I have tried the salt based sprays, they work ok but you have to reapply more than once a day or suffer the consequences of smelly pits. The solid salt crystal is great until a tiny little shard forms and starts to cut into your armpit every time you use it, not to mention the sting after a fresh shave in that delicate area. Both salt versions were missing a scent which I personally missed. I’m not one to wear strong perfumes but that hint of clean smell while getting dressed after a shower is refreshing. Moving on to natural stick deo’s – they had a nice light smell and worked for a few hours at a time, but reapplication was necessary for me. Am I the only one with high maintenance pits? I have also tried alcohol based ones with essential oils for smell with no luck (the sting as well after a fresh shave). Roll-ons left creamy stains on my shirts and reapplication was necessary during the day as well.

About 6 months ago, I gave up on buying deodorants and decided to make my own. Its another step in my goal of reducing my footprint, and becoming more independent in looking after my own health naturally. Now – this is no super turbo deo, let be realistic, if it’s a hot sweaty day, or you have just run a half marathon you will probably need to re-apply natural or not. I’m talking about getting through your average day with one application. Searching the world wide web I settled for a recipe from one of my favourite bloggers Wellness Mama. You can find all the ingredients on her site by clicking here. All the ingredients are easy to find and better yet, it works! Personally, I don’t use the arrowroot or cornstarch as I thought this wouldn’t absorb into the skin and it would just sit there on my skin and maybe get onto my clothes leaving a white mark. By adding cornstarch or arrowroot, it would help with making a stick deo more solid if that’s what you are going for. I just make mine in a little tub. The best thing about it is that you can tweak it as much as you want to suit your own needs/ sensitivities and you can have your smell of choice, or unscented if you prefer. It has shea butter so its nourishing to your sensitive armpit skin – even after a fresh shave. Coconut oil kills all the bacteria, which is what causes the smell. I add lavender (for the antiseptic properties too) and vanilla to mine to create my current scent 😉 My first ever batch was really creative, it was summer at the time so I went for mojito flavour adding lime with a hint of mint to the coconut smelling base mmmmm.

I’m interested to know what essential oil combinations you come up with?



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