Natural Remedies

Salt and asthma

As an asthma sufferer since like 2.5 billion other Aussies, cold and flu season is a bit rough. For the last 2 years, I was living in the UK and working with Kindergarten children. The cold damp London air mixed with a daily dose of multiple virus strain exposure led to me suffering from ‘the cold and flu season’ from August until December. I thought to myself these northern hemisphere viruses are nasty, but It wasn’t just the Aussies in the UK that were suffering, it was just a particularly bad ‘season’. Being the Aussie that I am, I just thought I need to harden up and dose up on some herbs and rest. I was starting a trip around Europe to visit some friends when fever after fever struck and with a chest infection so bad I felt like I was drowning in my own lungs I returned to the UK. When I got off the plan I took myself to the doctors who said if I don’t get any better by days end I will need to be hospitalised. Thankfully the steroids worked.

After a 2 week course of steroids, antibiotics and higher doses of my asthma medication, I felt like I was on the mend.Then as soon as the medication finished, within a week later the chest infection was back. I booked myself in to see a homoeopath the second time I was getting ill, he recommended I see a doctor while he was treating me because my asthma was so bad. So I obeyed, reluctant to go down the pharma path a second time.  This 3-week pattern led me through about 6 courses of steroids and antibiotics. I gave up on the homoeopath and started seeing a naturopath in London who was working on rebuilding my immune system in November. During this time I had the only asthma attack that I have had in my life and was hospitalised and diagnosed with pneumonia.

The Naturopaths daughter also was an asthma sufferer and she said she had been taking her to a man-made salt cave in London and it was helping reduce the amount of medication she had to take and made breathing more comfortable. When I looked up prices… in pounds I was astonished and how expensive it was, so I ruled it out as an option. The second visit to the naturopath, she asked me if I went yet, I said no it’s too expensive. She told me that the first visit is free so its worth a try to see if I feel any better. By this stage, I was ready to try anything. So off I went for my 1-hour session sitting in a room full of salt with the humming of a machine releasing superfine particles of salt into the air to breath in. I left feeling no different and disappointed. However, by the time I had reached home, I couldn’t stop coughing, this time it was productive and stuff was coming up out of my lungs (without going into too much detail). Not just for 1 day but for the next 3. Better still, I felt like I had room to breath again for the first time in 5 months. I booked in for 3 more sessions a few days apart for each one and the expelling continued. I was travelling to Romania to visit my BF’s family for 10 days after the 4th session and I really wanted to keep it up until all the stuff was out. My partner said that this kind of treatment for the lungs has been around for a very long time in his country and although there were no man-made rooms full of salt I could go to, there was a salt cave that locals went to when they suffered from lung issues.

During my visit to the salt cave, I saw that they had salt pipes so I took one back to the UK with me. It looked like a regular old grandpa smoking tobacco pipe, but ceramic. You layer a small piece of muslin cloth a couple times around fill the pot with salt. Then suck the salty air in, simple. It was great until I dropped it on the bathroom tiles and it smashed into a million pieces. So I bought its plastic counterpart off the shelves from the local health food store to use daily. This is part of finding the middle way while being and eco hippy, sometimes you do have to say yes to plastic. Food and water storage in plastic is the most alarming for me, as we actually ingest plastic by doing this and we want to protect the guts ecosystem and our vital organs.

We also purchased a salt fan – made in Romania. What do you know, these guys have known about this stuff for centuries..! When I have a cold or flu I have it on all night while I’m sleeping in the bedroom and it fills the air with salt particles to breath in while I’m sleeping. Gotta love a set and forget!

Salt remedies are not a cure for asthmatics out there, I am just sharing my story about the benefits. Try it for yourself. Write a comment below if salt remedies have helped with your breathing 🙂


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