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Not all toothbrushes were created equal.

I used to have an electric one a while back, but if I forgot to put in on the charging stand and had to use it like a regular toothbrush and it just did cut it. Ok, when you do remember to plug them in they do a pretty good job alongside a store bought ‘natural’ toothpaste. Aside from the head replacements on electric being quite pricey, they make them fit using their own brand only to maximise profits. Sifting through the dozens to find the one that fits yours is a pain when you’re at the local store and they are made out of plastic.

If you are replacing your toothbrush every 3 months taking the dentists recommendations as a prescription, then you alone over an average lifespan have dumped around 280 plastic brushes that will long outlive us before they start to break down in the earth. Not to mention all the cheap mechanical mechanisms of electric brush waste and power chords. You can do the math if you’re living in a populated area as to how many cubic metres/feet that will add up to for your place of residency.

Ok, so I have your attention and there is hope! Firstly we are not all in our 70’s reading this post thinking about what damage we have done to the environment.

Some of you may be thinking so what so bad about plastic anyway? If you’re reading this blog and on your own eco hippy journey to a better world, chances are you already have some knowledge on this and can skip the rest of this paragraph. If you are a newbie, have no fear, here are a couple of reasons to get you on your own journey to a plastic-free lifestyle: Plastic pollution is growing in our oceans at an astonishing rate. It can cause serious harm to wildlife drinking from polluted water sources – and people! Don’t believe everything I say, check out the facts on Surfers Against Sewage, EcoPlanet Bamboo, Huffington Post just to name a few. You have Google too so go ahead and search on if you feel the need 😉 Don’t buy into all the hype around ‘bristle styles’ special bending of the arm of the brush etc.

So what are the alternatives? Use recycled plastic ones… sure but in the end plastic is plastic and the process to make recycled plastic would be a toxic melting pot releasing more greenhouse gas. Nature provides most of the answers for us, and in this case, if something is made from an organic material – it’s going to break down at its own natural rate just as the fruit and vegetables decompose if left on the soil.

Safest bet is to go for a bamboo toothbrush. It’s a natural material that can regenerate and grow quite quickly, like grass. It doesn’t require huge amounts of space to grow bamboo or chemicals to keep pests away and you guessed it because its a plant it will biodegrade. Reduce your footprint and make the change next time you need to change your brush. Ditch your electric brushes in favour of the earth and use a bamboo one with my homemade toothpaste it will give you a clean as good as an electric if you remember how to do the hand action in your mouth before you switched to electric. Please dispose of electrics responsibly, the mechanical parts can be recycled and batteries need to be disposed of in a certain way so as not to add more pollution into the environment – check with your local council.

It takes a couple of days to get used to that wooden feeling in your mouth, but the quality of bamboo ones are on the rise and there are some really good ones on the market these days. Some even have a bent handle for ergonomics and come with charcoal infused bristles to reduce bacteria growth like mine. Win-win! Best of all they are sometimes cheaper or at least the same price as the regular old plastic ones.

Let me know what your favourite brands are below…


1 thought on “Toothbrushes”

  1. Hey Amy!! Great post… I’ve been using the wooden ecotoothbrush now for the last 2 months and its been great. The bristles have charcoal impregnated in them and you know my mouth feels just as fresh as when I use other toothbrushes.. actually my gums feel happier. I use charcoal toothpaste as well and they’re a good combo..Looking forward to your next post. xx


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