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Natural Laundry Booster

Before my eco hippy nature took centre stage, if my clothes weren't getting clean from my laundry powder, I would add a booster in to get them super clean. Well, soap nuts aren't miracle makers and if you have some funky stuff that needs to go through your wash but you want to be an… Continue reading Natural Laundry Booster

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Sham-clay Rhassoul your hair

Rather than the shampoo bars I have been using of late, I thought I would give Rhassoul Clay a go. My shampoo bar is so nourishing, it's almost too nourishing for my thin oily hair - after 24 hours I lose volume. I know Bentonite clay has done wonders for my oily skinned face, so… Continue reading Sham-clay Rhassoul your hair

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Natural dishwashing liquid that works

If you have suffered from really dry hands and want to use something more natural, or looking for something eco-friendly for the other living beings your sink water reaches on its journey to the ocean then this is for you. My gosh, I was surprised after we got this one right... I use Castille soap… Continue reading Natural dishwashing liquid that works

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Minimalist skin care

I was so happy when a big order came in last week of stuff I needed to make my own natural products, the order was for multi-use items which can either be re-used, like glass jars to store lip balm, handbag-sized amounts of my deodorant and moisturiser jars, as well as bases for many products that… Continue reading Minimalist skin care

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7 Days of calm and cosy: Part 7 – Aromatherapy

If most pharmaceuticals were derived from active ingredients originally found in organic plant sources, then extraction of the oil from those sources would, in turn, benefit your health immensely. Essential oils are not just a pretty smell, they are so much more. To use too much can cause you harm, and to use certain oils… Continue reading 7 Days of calm and cosy: Part 7 – Aromatherapy

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7 Days of calm and cosy: Part 6: Meditation

Meditation is the hot topic ... still! Everyone that is doing it, raves about it and gets their friends to give it a go. Then their friends meditate too and for a time, they are happy, calm and relaxed. Then as you notice the positive benefits for yourself, you fall into the hole of not… Continue reading 7 Days of calm and cosy: Part 6: Meditation

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7 Days of calm and cosy: Part 5 – Knitting &/or Crochet

If reading novels is not your thing... How about keeping your hands busy instead? I tried knitting as a teenager, but couldn't do anything more than a square before I got bored. Now (I hope) my patience for finishing projects has increased and to have the end in mind helps too! My problem is that I find… Continue reading 7 Days of calm and cosy: Part 5 – Knitting &/or Crochet